Ethos Sports is an ideal partner for every club that needs perfect organization of summer pre season camp or friendly games and for every player that desires a modern custom  made representation. Our company offers a variety of services fully specialized and strictly professional, capable to respond to any requirements.

Infrastructure, knowledge , flexibility and effectiveness are the main characteristics of Ethos Sports services and also what makes our company  so special.

Player Management

Due to the requirements of modern football, football players are constantly asked to explore their limits in the playing field while at the same time develop the appropriate social and digital profile in their personal life. Ethos sports not only invests but also encourages nurturing talent using an extensive scouting network though constant mentoring( which is wholly adapted to the needs of each player).


We are constantly by the side of our football players offering everyday solutions and advice, therefore building a relationship of mutual trust aiming at continuous development through a series of services like:


  • Representation in the underwriting of professional contracts
  • Representation regarding transfers
  • PR & Marketing advice
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Career Planning
  • Financial contributions
  • Legal representation
  • Recruitment of sponsors

Match Agent - Training Camps

Through a significantly wide network of contacts throughout Europe and the United States, Ethos Sports is in a position to provide the appropriate opponent so that an international friendly match can be staged during the summer preparation as well as in the midst of the season. At the same time, Ethos Sports is responsible for all the necessary details concerning the organization of the competitions or even the staging of international tournaments.


Besides, Match Agency, as a service, is also part of the whole package coverage relating to a  summer preparation. Ethos Sports works in cooperation with the best training centers in the Netherlands, Austria and Italy, covers accommodation expenses, internal transport as well as accompanying the teams. A special partner of our firm is constantly by the side of each team so that he can supervise and organize the whole preparation work.

Teams Hospitality

Ethos Sports provides clubs with a full hospitality package for the staging of official or friendly matches. The service concerned includes organizing accommodation matters, internal transportation, accompaniment as well as extra training sessions which might arise either before or after the sporting events.

TV & Media Rights

Ethos Sports provides solutions relating to the exploitation of television rights while specializing in the fast growing sector of broadcasting competitions through the Internet. Our company is responsible for finding solutions as well as selling friendly and official sporting events all around the world.