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Ethos sports constitutes the natural continuation of the two brothers, Filippos Avramidis and Athanasios Avramidis being active in the football field starting from the very young age as players.

In 2013, after several successful years of experience as a UEFA Match Agent and after having cooperated with the biggest names in the field of Greek football, the time was right for the creation of a new project.

Ethos sports is capable of handling a full package of services when it comes to the organization of sports competitions and the preparation of a team, so that it is well adjusted to its own needs.

Ever since 2015, Ethos Sports and Mutlu Sports joined forces, extending its activities to the Netherlands, while today its network of partners all around the world, includes the United States, Italy, Estonia, Israel and Cyprus.

At the same time Ethos Sports is now actively engaged in undertaking the representation of football players, while it offers solutions to TV Rights, Personalized Marketing as well as Teams Hospitality.

Its founder, Avramidis Philippos, UEFA Match Agent, has been active in football management since 2006 in the field of preparations and friendly matches.


Filippos Avramidis

CEO Ethos Sports BV

Atalay Mutlu

FIFA Player Agent

Athanasios Avramidis

Event Manager

Panagiotis Mylonas

Hospitality & Sports Events Coordinator

Dimitris Doumis

Hospitality & Sports Events Coordinator

Konstantinos Matselos


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