Pre season summer training camp in two parts for PAOK FC in Holland

PAOK FC  will carry out their summer pre season camp in familiar places. The only difference is that it will be performed in two parts and also at different training centers.

So, the team will travel to Horst on 22/06/2018 where the first part of pre season camp will take place and they will be there until 03/07/2018. During their stay in Park Hotel,  PAOK will play 3 friendly matches.

The second part of pre season camp will be performed in Oosterbeek from 08/07/2018 to 16/07/2018. The team of PAOK will be accommodated in Bilderberg Hotel  and will play another 3 or 4 friendly matches.

We thank PAOK FC, cause for another year relies on Ethos Sports for the organization of their pre season training camp and we wish them the season ahead to be full of successes.




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