Asteras goes to Austria with Ethos Sports

The start of creation of  the new Asteras Tripolis, that will be back on the top  of Greek Super League in order to participate to  European Cups , will take place in Austria.

Arcadians were absolutely satisfied by the cooperation with Ethos Sports on the pre season camp of 2016/17, so they show us their trust by renewing the agreement and Ethos Sports will coordinate their pre season camp for the season 2017/18.

The only thing that changes, is the destination. After Holland and Oosterbeek, Asteras Tripolis is preparing their luggage for Austria and Scheffau. There the  team is going to stay in Hotel Kaiser in Tirol from 24/7 until 30/07 and in this period will play 3 friendly games.


Polyzos to Panserraikos

The young midfield will offer his services for the rest of the season to the”lions” after reaching an agreement with the club. Ethos family wishes Agis health and good luck […]

Konstantinos Balogiannis to OFI F.C.

Konstantinos Balogiannis joins OFI F.C. With the presence of his agent Filippos Avramidis and his father Vaggelis Balogiannis, the talanted midfield signed his new 4 years contract with the club […]

Lefteris Papadopoulos to Kavala F.C.

Papadopoulos joins Kavala F.C. With the presence of his agent Filippos Avramidis, the talanted young attacker signed today his one year new contract with the club. Ethos family wishes to […]